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Why Use Drone Technology?

It's simply allowed us to deliver a World Class level of service in our core property management day to day business, we are able on inspections to show our landlords the real condition of their roofs, gutters and overall property highlighting trees that might be over hanging the neighbouring property or blocked guttering, we have successfully used our drones to benefit many landlords in many very different situations that without this technology we simply could never have been able to do or show the true extetent of a situation.

From a marketing point of view its a game changer as it allows us to capture images that stand out head and shoulders over ground based ones and the videography really hits the mark highlighting a properties locations and attractions that surround it from parks, schools, CBD and coastal walkway, it simply allows the prospective tenant to make a more informed decision and as we are finding time and time again its allowed prospective tenants offshore a real view of a property and an ability to make a far more informed decision.

Drone technology works extremely well with executive properties and this is one of the reasons we have so much success in the executive property market.

Our Training

We have a fully qualified RPAS Pilot with his Wings Badge, we have studied Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems at Massey University's School of Aviation and our pilots complete yearly pilot proficiency testing to ensure they are meeting operational standards. We are the only property management company with Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand Part 102 certification so we are professional unmanned aircraft operators with close to 100 operational flights and a 100% safety record. All our flights are booked on Airshare and our drones are sent away twice yearly for service and inspection to ensure they are airworthy and safe to operate.


When on operations our pilots and ground crew wear stand out safety vests, we ensure public safety at all times and place operational warning signs to ensure the public know whats going on, our Phantom drone is fitted with a MARS Parachute system is case of failure or bird strike.


Yes we have our drones and our operation fully insured.

What we use

We currently use a DJI Phantom 4 for our marketing and major inspection work, its fitted with a MARS Parachute system and can operate in wind speeds up to 35 km/h and has a top speed of 80 km/h and has collision avoidance detection system so it is very good when it come to operating around tight spaces.

We also operate a DJI Spark which for its tiny size is simply outstanding in tight spaces, we use this for checking in gutters and low level inspection work, this small machine can operate in 30 km/h winds and has a top speed of 50km/h.




Storm Damage/Natural Disaster

Storm damage happens and Taranaki gets its fair share with seasonal storms and we all remember Cyclone Bola. Our drones allow us the ability to react fast and in an efficient safe mannerism to the aftermath of storms, we can assist with insurance claims and get clear precise images of the damage and we can give a landlord or assessor a 'live'feed via social media to see the damage first hand in a real time manner.

Natural Disaster

We will never forget the Christchurch earthquake and its aftermath and our drones can deploy at a moments notice to these disasters, we can provide real time 'live' feed to property owners and insurance companies and been Certified drone operators allows us to operate where others simply cannot operate.

Roof Damage

Roof damage happens from time to time and  can be caused from storm damage or an earth quake, in the past damage to roofs involved climbing a ladder  to assess the damage first hand but our drones can hover over a roof and we can  capture images or 'live' feed which offers a real time view of the damage and the ability of the property owner or insurance assessor to make informed decisions in a far more safe mannerism, the drones are a faster more efficient way of obtaining views of roof damage.


Multi Media

We work with a design and graphics and interactive company so can provide the aerial images or videograpghy for promotional or advertising for events and the likes and been Certified unmanned aircraft operators means we can operate in locations others cannot,we then pass these images or videograpghy onto our multi media company to produce the final product to suit your requirements.


Our experience with inspection work around residential properties means we know what we are doing and what we are looking for, our drones allow us to capture views that you simply cannot get from the ground or would require ladders or scaffolding today and are a real Health and Safety issue.

We can give a property owner a real time view of their overall property, highlighting roofs, gutters and any overhanging trees that might be causing issues with the neighbour, we can capture so much more in a faster safer and more efficient mannerirsm.

Our drones have proven to be a real game changer in this field and we are providing a level of service in our core industry not seen before.


What we can do from $99.00 plus GST

Inspection work

We can easily and safely get to look on roofs and areas that are generally difficult to get to or could involve a lot of extra work such as scaffolding, the drone is fast and nimble and able to achieve great results with minimum fuss.

Insurance damage assessments

We can undertake insurance claim assessment work on those hard or difficult jobs which could pose a danger, from storm damaged roofs, fires or a collasped bank onto a property, the drone is fast safe and highly efficient means of getting the images to assess the damage without causing extra Health and Safety issues.


We work with a local marketing company that can provide marketing solutions for your business, we provide the aerial solutions that work best for you.

Video and photographic work

We can do video and photographic work for you, we can have this professionally edited and presented as you want it.

Search and Rescue

We can provide low level Search and Rescue assistance type operations on a case by case basis subject to our core work committments.

Media and Events

We can provide aerial images and videograghpy services to suit different media or events subject to getting the proper consents and a good amount of notice, we have a multi- media company that can provide professional editing of these events.

Why use aerial robotics?

Aerial robotics  technology will be the next big thing in Property Management as with new rules with Health and Safety and the extra compliance involved with getting on roofs or any area of a property involving height the aerial robotics technology comes into its own. It simply allows us as Property Managers to be able to view things such as roofs, gutters or steep inaccessible banks in a fast safe and efficient manner and allows the property owner clear images to be able to make decisions on repairs and maintenance from the comfort of their homes.

What benefits are in it for a property owner?

Our aerial robotics system has already proved to be a huge benefit to our property owners and has captured clear images of damage from a storm to roofs which resulted in the insurance claims process been much faster and in turn repairs undertaken much sooner causing less inconvenience to the tenants, it also helped with capturing images of erosion to a steep bank on a property that was simply far too dangerous to get to on foot. 

What we use

We are operating a DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter with collision avoidance technology built into it.


Yes we have been fully trained by Massey University's School of Aviation in the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS).

We operate a comprehensive safety management system and are a Civil Aviation Authority of NZ Part 102 Certified Operator and our pilot is a fully qualified RPAS pilot with his wings qualification, and log all our flights with Airways NZ and our aerial robotics operation is fully insured.